Welcome in Peace

Greetings Queens and Goddesses!!! It seems your journey has brought you to my domain and I am very grateful to the universe for allowing us to cross paths. Are you wondering what is the OG project? Well simply put it is the journey back to being the original goddess that each and every one of us is destined to become. I will discuss a variety of topics from womb/yoni care, going vegan, beauty products, health/fitness, chakras, astrology/numerology, and any other topics that may come about as I continue on this journey. I know that by documenting my journey I will attract other women who are on a similar journey as me and that we may share information in each others journey. Not only do I want to attract those who are on their journey already but I hope that my journey will inspire another goddess to embark on hers’ as well.

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Peace | Love & | Abundance