Why Following the Hype Isn’t the Best Idea

Research is key!

For my personal journey, it has helped me a lot to understand why I should make this change to a plantarian lifestyle. I wanted to gain a better understanding of what I have been eating all these years. Trying to follow any trend (especially when it comes to food) is hard if you do not have the facts behind it.

No, this post will not contain all of the research for you but more so to get you thinking. Yes, there is some homework/research that you will need to do on your own. I will provide a list of movies and individuals to watch on YouTube. Of course, it is up to you to do the rest from there. Now let’s dive into the bases.

Your Food is Your Mood

Up until a few months ago I never would have thought that what I was eating was also affecting my mood. I mean how could anything from Chick-a-fila not bring joy and happiness to your soul? Never even crossed my mind that my oxtails, extra gravy please, was making me angry or depressed. Better yet, my blondie with extra caramel and vanilla bean ice cream was the reason my mood was so….crappy. Well, I hate to bust your bubble –said with lots of sarcasm– but your food is controlling your mood! You know the saying “you are what you eat” well it is time to start taking it literally!

When you get a chance do some research on serotonin and gut health. Now, do not get confused by the medical terms and pills they will try to push down your throat. Instead, focus on the fact that your mood starts in your gut, where serotonin is produced. In short, an unhappy gut leads to an unhappy person. What does this have to do with food? Well, EVERYTHING you eat has to go through and be processed through your digestive tract. So if you are eating a dead animal that is hard on your digestive tract to break down or food not made for human consumption then you probably don’t have a very happy gut. Side-bar, who in gaawwwwds name came up with the idea that we should drink the milk of another animal? Like when you really think about it, it is quite nasty and borderline bestiality, I digress though.

Sun Food

Now when you eat electric food (foods that use the sun to grow) preferably organic and nonGMO you tend to have a happier gut. For starters, they are easier for your body to digest which helps keep you regular. In addition, your body has a natural pH balance that is alkaline, so you want to eat foods that have a similar pH balance. Foods that grow naturally and require very little human interaction to grow, that is what you want to consume. Some will argue that plants feel too, and while I am not saying they don’t, just ask yourself if you ever heard of a depressed green pepper?

Have you ever thought about who told you to eat like this?

For example, I come from a Jamaican background, both sides of my family come from Kingston. My parents eat bone marrow, fish heads ~yes this includes the eyeballs~, goat head soup, and many other dishes that I wouldn’t dare eat. I use to judge them for it, like guys you are embarrassing me cracking bones in the middle of the restaurant just to spit this brown stuff back on your plate. I am literally throwing up while I type this. I’m sure many of you can relate to that fact that our families ate some interesting dishes. Yet, we never wondered where did they learn to eat like this? For me I know my parents grew up in poverty so whenever they got a meal they ate ALL of it! No scraps left behind was a literal thing. I am sure the whooping Milly (my gigi) use to hand out played a role in it too.

Jokes and whoopings aside, ask yourself if you could start it all over and had no outside influence would you eat the same? I can think of countless individuals that did not care for dairy products as children. People who did not want to eat meat, eggs, certain veggies, and many other questionable dishes. Yet our parents forced us to eat certain foods and as soon as we got older we didn’t dare eat them. Could it be that those things were against our biological structure? That there is no such thing as lactose intolerant? Or food allergies?

You cannot be allergic to something you were not meant to eat. 

We all know at least one person with some form of food allergy. What is food allergy though? Can you call it an allergy if you are not supposed to consume it? The biggest example would be milk also known as lactose intolerant. The question I want you to ask is how can you be allergic to the milk of another animal? Was that milk produced for your consumption? Or was it produced for a baby cow? Do you drink dog milk? Horse milk? Gorilla milk? No, you probably do not and chances are not likely that you would either. So it isn’t an allergy you have to cow’s milk, you just should not consume it. Besides, why drink cow’s milk when there are so many other plant-based options?

This goes for many other food allergies that we will dig into on another post. I want to leave you this information and hopefully this will get you to question your eating habits more.

Recommended Study List



Cowspiracy (personal favorite)

What’s with Wheat

Forks Over Knives

Food Choices


Food Inc.

YouTube/People to look up

Minister Enqi

KT the Arch

Dr. Laila Africa

Dr. Sebi (no channel but links to videos)

I would love to hear any questions that you have about making a change or any diet issues you have experienced. I would also love to hear about any ‘ah ha’ moments that may have happened while reading this post or doing research.  Until next time!!

Health | Abundance &| Peace

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