Swap This For That: How to Replace Your Ingredients

When you have eaten a certain way for so long you really don’t bother looking for substitutes. Milk, eggs, and cheese are like staple food items in the majority of households across the nation, if not the world. So how can we replace them? Better yet what can be used as a replacement? This will be our focus this week. Let’s dive on in. 

Milk….hands down one of the biggest addictions that we have in America. Even if you don’t drink it you probably love butter, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, buttermilk, and the list goes on. We use it in so many dishes that dairy overall is hard to replace. Yet have no fear as there are tons of DIY milk recipes, some are even nut free. My family personally loves hemp milk (it’s entirely way too easy to make) and we also love Coconut milk. I do believe part of my love for coconut milk has to due with my Jamaican upbringing, as it is already used in a lot of their dishes. As always I will suggest that you make your own instead of store-bought  Check out a few recipes below and if you haven’t already followed me on Pinterest

Cacao MilkHemp Milk, Coconut MilkWalnut Milk & CreamWalnut Milk

Feel free to add dates, agave or fruit to any of these to make different variations of them. 

cooked chickpeas with straining ladle

How will you ever be able to make cupcakes, cheesecake, cake, pancakes, waffles, or any other goods without eggs? Well, welcome to the magical world of aquafaba. This is simply the water that is left over from cooking chickpeas. The equation is quite simple too (see image above). Another popular alternative is to make a flax egg. I use this method whenever I don’t have any aquafaba readily available. 

Bet you didn’t know it would be so easy to replace milk and egg thus far huh? Now to everyone’s beloved….cheeeese!!!!!

Now if you have been on the mailing list since the beginning then you know how obsessed I am with cashew cheese and all that can be done with it. You basically will need to soak the cashews in spring water, preferably overnight, and then drain them add water (or your plant-based milk) along with seasoning to your blender and go. We use sea salt, onion & ginger powder (did you know this gives you a garlic taste/flavor) and anything else we need accordingly. The same can be done to make walnut cheese and brazil nut cheese also.

Now I know a lot of us like shredded or sliced cheese for different recipes and while I have seen some floating around on Pinterest, I have yet to try them out but they are on my to-do list. Most health stores do have some available for purchase if you want to try them out. If you go this route make sure they are soy free. Once I try the recipes myself and tweak them accordingly I will add them to one of the weekly emails. Till then give these plantarian cheese sauces a try.

Other household favorites that can be made the plantarian way, also known as electric by my little ones.

Soy SauceMayoHerb butter (no measurements so just experiment with it to your liking), RanchBarbecue SauceDate SugarDate SyrupSalad DressingsBlack PepperAnother Mayo RecipeCaramel SauceButter 

Feedback Welcomed

I welcome all questions and feedback on things that you would like to learn about or tips on how to recreate the plantarian way. Feel free to reach out to me. I am also working on my own recipes so I look forward to sharing those with you soon!!


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