The Why

But why…

That seems to be the never ending question, followed by the sea of what questions. What inspired you? What keeps you going? What is the purpose or goal of this? Well if I am to be honest here… I don’t know all the answers but I do know they will manifest to me when the time is right… It is apart of our spiritual nature to be inquisitive and to seek answers to things we may not fully understand or we just want to seek a better understanding. One thing my journey has taught me thus far is that patience is truly a virtue. Everything happens in its time, when it is time.

Now even though I may not be clear on the what questions I do have a better overstanding of the why’s. Why did I find it necessary to create this space for me and other wombmyn to come together? The simple answer would be sisterhood…Ever since I was little I dreamed of having a close knit group of girlfriends that I could bare my soul to and not have to worry about condemnation…or even worse judgement. Throughout my journey I have had the pleasure to cross paths with many other goddesses who desire the same connection with other fellow wombmyn.

Not only did we all desire to connect and bond with one another but we also want to be able to go grow together, gain wisdom from each other, and share our stories and experiences. That is why the OG project was born. To open that door for communication, trust, and sisterhood; without fear of being judged or called “crazy” for those of us who go against what has been deemed as “normal” and instead we choose to follow our spirits into freedom. I look forward to the memories and times I will share with those who will give me the honor of being in her space.

Till next time….
Peace | Prosperity | Love | Courage

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