Uncle Bias: Da man that molded me

Not even sure how to start this off so I guess I will just let it flow. 

My uncle has been there for me my entire life. He is the one person in my life who has never left me out to hang. He has been there to save me from myself time and time again. If you know me then you know I look at this man as though he was my father. When my own father wasn’t there he made it easy to deal with that pain. It was easy for me to not miss having a father cause I had my uncle. I use to say that as long as I know I have my uncle in my corner ima be alright. He is literally my favorite person on earth.

Yet he has always been sick.

Working as a cop and also loving that fast life will catch up to you. He has had his fair share of biker accidents and I almost lost him once as a teenager. Then he has the worst eating habits ever and we almost lost him again around 2009/2010. The worst part about it is that he likes to be superman, he wants to go through his pain alone. He never tells us about his illnesses until either things have stabilized or it’s too late, like now.  Today the person who means the world to me, the man that showered me with love my whole life is fighting and I am not able to be there by his side. It is literally taking all that I have not to drop my whole life and go be by his side.

I want to reverse his condition

I want to give him herbs to drink, fix him a plate of food that will cleanse his cells and not poison them. When I hear people talk about the “vegan agenda” I now laugh. You have no idea how it feels to watch someone you love suffer because of “gut” issues. To hear the fear in the voice of someone that you have known to be strong your whole life. I am literally begging him to come to Atlanta so I can take care of him, the holistic way. For years I have been asking him to fix up his diet and he has ignored my pleas time and time again. It hurts that it had to get to this level for him to get a wake-up call. Even after the surgery, I know that I can get him back healthy. I know I can get him back to the man that I love and admire. I know that he has so much more to fulfill in life and I want to help him get back to 100%.

I am not sure what the universe is trying to teach me, but it hurts

I am crying while I type this up because my uncle is a major part of my life. The idea that he won’t be able to see so much manifest in my life is heartbreaking. I want him to be there to give me away to my partner, I want my children to admire him the way I do.  I can admit that I haven’t had to deal with this type of hardship in my life often. I have only lost one person close to me, my best friend, Ashlee, when I was 15 to cancer. With the knowledge that I have now, I cannot continue to lose people close to me due to lack of knowledge, poor diet, fear, lack of understanding, etc… So if you thought I pushed a healthy lifestyle before, please know I am going to push even harder because the person I love the most in this world is suffering and it all could have been preventing.


Please pray and send good vibes to my Uncle Bias. He is literally my rock in life.


me and uncle



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