Why going Vegan was the best choice ever!!!

No, it wasn’t for the animals

-_- let’s get that straight first. For some reason, people always assume you go vegan cause you care about the animals and that ain’t the case…like at all. However, they do start to play a role in it once you start to research the meat industry more. Going vegan has many benefits to it outside of just the health aspect. If I am gonna keep it funky with yall the initial start to my journey of becoming vegan was social media *insert long face emoji*. Yes, social media ruins everything, doesn’t it?

VSU Freshman
Me in 2008 as a Freshman at VSU
So I started researching. 

After watching many videos/news clippings about the things they do to our meat here in the US I knew I had to make a change. The first thing to go was cow’s milk *yuck*. Like, who came up with the idea to drink the milk of another animal probably dabbles in bestiality.  So then I let go of red meat (but really there is no such thing as red meat, you can read about that here). Then I cut back on the number of eggs I used, changed my oils, buying things that had the whole GMO free tag. Let’s be honest, what is a GMO anyways? At the time I  wasn’t even sure what GMO was, I learned from GMO OMG movie on Netflix. I got out of my comfort zone and started to explore more veggies and fruits. Around Jan 2017 you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t eating “healthy” with my baked stuffed chicken with creamy spinach dishes lol.

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Then the science man came back into my life. 

Then a good friend of mine who is raw vegan came back into my life; this is when things got real. He didn’t really push his vegan agenda on me but more so pointed me in the direction to gain more knowledge about diet and illness. Two important things about this: 1. I have had eczema my whole life. I basically made peace with it and just assumed I was going to have it my whole life. We have been taught that these illnesses are “genetics”. Never once in my 27 years of life did I think that it was diet related. The second reason, as some of you may know I have been suffering from BV since my daughter was born in 2011.

post baby
2012 after my daughter was born

Now I knew that diet played some role into BV but not to the extent that I ended up learning about. It wasn’t just sugar that kept me imbalanced or scratchy but that WHEAT and GLUTEN also played a major role. So after a few books and documentaries, I decided the best thing for my health and life would be to go vegan. To get a list of my books and movies I recommend and why go here. Going vegan has hands down one of the hardest adjustments in my life…shid I am still adjusting if I am going to be honest with yall.

Wanna know what keeps me going????

My energy has gone up through the roof!!! Even if I don’t get enough sleep I still have energy throughout the day without needing coffee or caffeine. I also recover quicker from my workouts and I can go harder. My waist has gone in a few inches…… YAASSS!!!! From Jan 2017 to June 2017 I went from a size 10/11 to a 2-4 pants. Even though my waist is smaller I haven’t lost the things that are important (hips, thighs, and booty).


All-White Affair
Me at my 28th Birthday Dinner 2017

My moon cycle went from a horrid dreadful time of the month to..well yes I look forward to my moon cycle now.  I look forward to seeing how it has changed from last month to this month as I progressively eat better/cleaner. This alone could keep me vegan. I no longer get cramps, it went from 7 days to 1 real day and the rest spotting days. In addition, it is no longer dark red but more of a brighter shade of red. It has been a beautiful change, and probably my favorite part of going vegan.

I will be sharing recipes for meals, detoxes, beauty care products, and more. My goal is to show you just cause you go vegan doesn’t mean you miss out on life’s pleasures. I want to help others who are on this holistic path as well!


Peace | Love | Abundance

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