Yoni Pearls: Round 1 Experience

Why I am using Yoni Pearls

Since becoming a mother in 2011, I have had chronic BV infections.  During this whole ordeal I had acute depression. Did I mention I gained about 20+ lbs (what can I say, ima emotional eater). I have tried just about everything from western medicine (flagyl is by the far the nastiest thing on gawds earth), to natural remedies.  I have tried it like douching, to vaginal suppositories, if it was on google I tried it! Of course it would clear up for a few days, even a few weeks yet the moment I had sex or my moon cycle it would come right back; with vengeance I might add. I got off the IUD birth control, got STD testing, went to the doctor, yet it always came back. Then I heard about yoni pearls.

How I came across yoni pearls

Then one day I am scrolling through my instagram feed and I see something about yoni pearls.  I was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more about these pearls. My path in life was leading me to yoni and womb care in a more holistic way. So I ended up on the page of Goddess Detox and though some of the images are queazy, I was still intrigued and couldn’t stop scrolling. I was able to read testimony after testimony of other goddesses who were able to rid themselves of  yoni/womb issues. Their testimonies ranged from issues such as BV, fibroid, endometriosis, infertility, and the list just goes on.

What intrigued me the most had to be the discharge that came from each womban. I took special interest in the ones who suffered from BV. It brought me comfort knowing that other womban were suffering from BV and finding holistic ways to heal themselves. So after months of research on the different herbs that are in the pearls I decided to purchase my first round of pearls from Natural Erotica.

My Experience with the first round

Now I was unbelievable nervous due to many reviews that there will be some discomfort, burning, itching, etc… . This is due to the fact the pearls will be bringing all the toxins to the front of the yoni which will cause discomfort. Naturally, I thought I would be one of those worst-case scenarios (I blame WebMD for that lol).  Yet at this point I am determined to free myself from BV.

 So my pearls came with instructions to dip the pearl into coconut oil to help lubricate the pearl for insertion, which please ladies make sure you have the unrefined oil, I got mine here. Now I inserted mine in the morning after a fresh shower and using honeypot feminine wash (which I suggest every woman buy) and proceeded on with a normal routine for the next 72 hours. Now there was some irritation but nothing that I couldn’t bare. After the 72 hours the pearl  was removed prior to getting in the shower and again using the feminine wash to cleanse the outter yoni.

Some may suggest using yogurt to help expedite the process of removing the toxins however don’t do that; to learn more click here. So instead I opted to use coconut oil as a more natural and safer alternative. To see how I use frozen coconut oil check out this post.  I repeated this for the next three days after my treatment and for round 2 of the yoni pearls!!!

Yoni Pearls
My first pearl

How was your first round of yoni pearls? Do you have any tips or tricks to give to other goddesses to help them with their journey? I’d love to hear about your journey or how this post has helped you on yours. Till next time.

Peace | Love &| Abundance

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